Server Rules

Below are the rules on the hcfactions server. You will usually get a warning before you are kicked and kicked before you are banned. If anyone notices any of this going on please contact a moderator or administrator. These rules will evolve to reflect anymore no-nos we encounter.

General Server Rules

We always welcome feedback on the server. Feel free to express feedback on what you do and don't like about the server. That is how we make this place better for everyone. If I missed something, let me know.

Admin Assistance Guidelines



To help balance game play on the server and promote more PVP, certain restrictions have been made to enchantments and potions.


Helmets and Boots can be enchanted on an enchanting table but will not give you combat type enchants.


Tools and Swords can be enchanted on an enchanting table but will not give you combat type enchants.


Approved Potions (NON-EXTENDED unless specifically stated):

Unapproved Potions:

Not Allowed (except when fired from a dispenser):

Illegal negative potions are allowed to be fired from dispensers (such as in traps) even though they can't be thrown.

Note:Many of these effects can be achieved now through the Bard Class (gold armor, see PVP Classes). Some of the positive splash potions were removed to make the Bard Class useful in combat.


Approved Minecraft Mods

Below you will find a list of links and some information about all of the mods that are allowed on the server. If you are unsure if a mod is legal to use or not that isn't listed here, then it's probably not. Just ask a Moderator or Administrator about it. These all are updated for Minecraft 1.2.5 and will be updated as they are updated in the future.


Beginners' Guide

Top Side

Take a look at the dynamic map so that you get a feel for where you may want to build a home. You start with 60 minutes of PvP protection so log in and work quickly.

What should I build first?

Head to Spawn


Spawn Cannon

The spawn cannon is a tool to get out of spawn fast but it also has complete randomness. It will not harm you. If you are a platinum donator you can aim the cannon to any spot (excluding event zones) up to 600 blocks away.


Spawn Shop

The spawn shop allows you to buy and sell certain items in exchange for coins.




General HCFactions FAQ

What should I do when I first login to the server, and what should I know?

What are the main parts of the map?

Can I join a faction immediately?

While it is possible that you can join a faction, most players will not let you join until you have established yourself (see the Beginners' Guide).

Instead of spamming the in-game chat asking to join a faction, try to work on establishing your own supplies and materials first, and then ask if a faction is recruiting, or just create one on your own.

Do I have to create a faction?

No. You can remain factionless and build your home in the wilderness. The experience remains like any other hardcore death ban server. You can kill people in factions and roam the world as a lone wolf. If you decide to make a faction later on, you can.

If you choose this option, your stuff and all of your belongings can be looted and griefed at any time, so beware.

How do I create a faction?

Type "/f create [faction name]" - no "" or []. For the rest of this FAQ, we will assume you named your faction NOOBIES

How do factions claim and declaim land?

You can claim land in three ways.

You can declaim land in three ways.

What important commands should I know once I make a faction?

How do factions claim my land, and how do I claim theirs?

How does a faction's power increase or decrease?

If I die, do I respawn immediately?

If you die, there is a three day death ban, so use your time wisely and be on the lookout for any attackers.

How do I get coins, and how do I view how many coins I have?

Spawn Shop

To sell ores, visit the spawn shop and right click the proper sign. You will see your coin total increase each time.

How do I see how much money is in my faction, and what else can I do with the coins?

If I think someone is cheating, or I was banned for a non-bannable offense, what should I do?


Server Events

Evil Mine

Mines are areas spread around the war zone that regenerate certain blocks after a set period of time. The blocks you can find range from iron, gold, and diamond, to rare blocks or nether blocks. These places are a great way to secure some additional resources using combat gear.

Inside of mine areas death ban is ENABLED. As such, it is critical that you be mindful of your surroundings, and work quickly. Additionally, monsters deal 3x damage and take 50% less damage, as a result it is recommended that you come properly equipped with potions and other goods.

Temple / King of the Hill

The Temple area is located West of spawn inside the Warzone. [View on Dynmap]

King of the Hill was designed as a competitive area for players to fight over. Capturing the hill is done by holding the top area of the temple for 30 minutes without leaving the area. If you die or leave the area at any time, the timer will restart.

King of the Hill has deathban DISABLED, meaning you can die there and you will instantly respawn. However, be aware that you will still take power loss. As a result, be prepared to /f home and defend your land if you think your power will drop below claimed land.

Rewards are a random number of diamonds and an item from the loot table.


The Factions Arena allows factions to challenge one another to a battle to the death. The faction that issues the challenge is able to choose the loadout shared by all participating players from loadouts created by the admins, the number of participants from each team, and whether or not deathban is enabled for a match. All participants are restored to the exact same location, inventory, and power level they had when they joined the fight at its completion.



PVP Guide by: HighlifeTTU

While it has been a while since I have done a significant amount of PvP, it is still pretty fresh in me and I've also witnessed some of the larger battles on the server. As a result, I'm going to give a quick and concise guide to PvP on HCFactions.

Getting Started

Before you even think about getting into PvP, these items are required:

Situation Awareness

Success in PvP is almost as much about determing the strength of your opponent as is the actual fight. If you are in the full equipment above, but determine you are about to enter a 3v1 versus opponents without potions or enchanted armor, you have a good chance of winning the fight. The stats page on HCFactions is a great way to determine the skill of your opponent, and if you have time to do some research prior to an engagement, it is advised. If you get caught off guard and feel you do not have the upper hand, the best bet is to flee the battle. Throw an ender pearl towards the best direction of escape (towards allies, spawn, or your faction home) and then continue to run away from your opponent. As soon as the ender pearl lands, you will be teleported away. If you are running low on health as you throw the pearl, drop some splash potions of healing at your feet while you wait for it to land. It won't matter if you hit your opponent in the process, the goal is to escape. Once you've teleported away, continue to distance yourself. Remember there is a cool down on ender pearls. There are many situations where I've been caught off guard, retreated to safety, then returned with full health and my potion effects proc'd. I win the fight since now I'm fighting an even battle, and won't be trying to make up for a few hearts of damage while I was getting my bearings.

Potions: They are important

Some people on the server think full diamond armor will win them every fight. No. It won't. The single most important thing in PvP is potions. They are your life line. A quick explaination will be provided for each potion, showing its importance.

Jump Jump Jump

If you didn't know this, now you do. If you hit someone while in the air you score a critical hit. The risk you take is you might fly a bit further if you get hit by a knockback sword. You can tell someone is taking a critical damage by some "sparks" that come out when you hit someone. Try it on a friend to see what it looks like. Jumping also makes you move slightly faster when running at the expense of greater hunger use. If you wondered how someone caught up, they were likely jumping. So everybody JUMP JUMP JUMP.


Your hunger dictates your natural health regen, which can make or break a fight. You use hunger quicker through sprinting, jumping, and swinging a sword (even if you don't land a hit). Making each move count is very important in a long fight. Carry bread with you, and eat it at the right moment to refill your hunger. If you are running from a fight, it can be a good idea to eat to full hunger, then throw a splash potion of healing to refresh some health if you get hit while eating. Keeping a full hunger bar is incredibly important.


If you are in a VERY long fight, this can make or break you. If you lose a key piece of equipment, you will begin taking a huge amount of damage. While carrying extra pieces of diamond isn't good if you die, it could be helpful once you reach a comfort level in your PvP. Take note of your equipment before a fight. Is your helm at half durability? Might want to bring a regular diamond helm just in case. If you see your opponent lose a piece of armor, its time to go for the killing blow. In such a situation, you could use splash healing at your feet to heal both you AND your opponent to full health, knowing you will be dealing much more damage overall.

Negative Potion Effects

Watch your negative potion effects. Poison is obvious, slowness and weakness aren't. If you get hit with a weakness 2 splash, you are doing -6 damage. You won't do a thing to anyone. Carry milk for these situations. As stated earlier, be aware of how the fight is going at all times. Take a weakness 2 potion to the face? Time to ender pearl away, drink milk, and then rechug your important potions.

Inventory Management

More potions means less space to pick up items. Keep your inventory clean and with only thing things you need. Do you need that axe? Probably not. Carrying two stacks of bread? Unnecessary, drop the extra bread. Each potion matters. If you are in a long fight, running out of key potions is just as bad as losing a piece of armor to durability. Big team battles tend to mean more potion usage, so equip yourself accordingly.

The Killing Blow

Kill your opponent? Loot quickly. This is a team server. Chances are, if you are facing an opponent in a large faction, his buddies are already on the way the minute you start the engagement. Grab all the equipment you can, and then run. Nothing sucks more than winning a big fight, only to spend two minutes sorting through your prize only to lose it all because you stuck around too long.

Deathban versus Non-Deathban

In certain zones deathban is disabled. This includes the King of the Hill zone, as well as at certain mine locations. You can easily see this by the "Deathban Disabled" message that will pop up as you enter the area. I've seen a lot of players attempt to flee a fight, only to die 20 blocks outside the death zone. If you are not the best escape artist, it may be better to take your death in the non-deathban zone, rather than get chased outside a non-deathban zone and lose a life / wait three days.

But Highlife... We hit each other the same amount and I died!

Minecraft isn't like most competitive games. There is randomness built into the numbers, which I one day hope to fix. So while the randomness exists, there is a chance you get beat simply because a person is dishing out more random damage than you are.

Remember that there is no shame in backing off a fight. After some time, you will see what is "normal" for damage taken, and be able to recognize when you've taken too much damage in a short amount of time. This type of accumen will seperate you from an average PvPer, but will take time to learn.


PVP Classes

Diamond Armor Class

Diamond Armor (Standard Setup)

Diamond Armor is the most protective armor in the game and has the highest durability. There are no special effects for people wielding Diamond Armor, and this is the "go to" 1v1 or small group setup.

Leather Armor (Archer Class)

An individual wielding a complete set of leather armor receives a bonus to archery. Therefore, it is considered the "Archery Class". The Archery Class has a 2.0x damage increase to all archery damage regardless of range, and receives an additional bonus based on distance. The bonus is detailed as follows:

For example, if the Archer Class successfully hits a target at a distance of 33 blocks, the bonus would be 3.3x damage. At 50 blocks, 5.0x damage. Long distance shots are very deadly to all classes.

Archers also take reduced damage from incoming arrow attacks. This reduction is a flat value reduction that makes arrows that are non long range shots from Non-Archer classes deal no damage. Long Range Shots from Non-Archer Classes will deal a small amount of damage. Shots from Other Archers will only see a small decrease in damage when shooting at other Archers.



Archers are essential in large group battles, especially in defense of event areas.

Gold Armor (Bard Class)

An individual wielding a complete set of gold armor has the ability to support fellow faction mates by giving them a boost if they are within a 10 Block radius from the Bard Class player. Therefore, it is considered the "Bard Class". The Bard Class applies a given boost on a timed interval based on the "Item in Hand" at the time the boost is to be applied.

Timed Effects:

Applied every 5 seconds with a duration of 6 seconds (so if the same item is continuously held the effect will stay constant)

Instant Effects:

Applied when the "Item In Hand" is "Right Clicked" however using an Instant Effect ability creates a 30 second cool-down during witch time no other effect (Timed or Instant) can be used.




Chain Armor (Rogue Class)

An individual wielding a complete set of chain armor has the ability to be invisible for short amounts of time, and use the back-stab ability. Therefore, it is considered the "Rogue Class". The Rogue class has the ability to right click on an Eye of Ender and become Invisible for up to 2 minutes. When invisible if a non-faction player is within 10 blocks the invisibility will be auto removed and a cooldown will be put in place before you can try to go invisible again. If you right click on an Eye of Ender when already invisible it will cancel the invisibility without the cooldown wait that getting within range of a non-faction member has.

The Rogue class also has the "Back-Stab" ability that is activated by attacking with a Gold Sword from behind. 2 Successful Back-Stab hits to kill an Archer, Bard and Rogue Class. 4 Successful Back-Stab hits will kill a Diamond Armor Player. Every Successful Back-Stab destroys the Gold Sword (I.E. you need 4 Gold Swords to kill a Diamond Armor Player).

Note: The Bard Class has a ability to reveal Invisible Rogue Players within 80 blocks of themselves and if you are detected by a Bard Class player you will be unable to go invisible again for 30 seconds.




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